“Ageless Jennifer Aniston Turns Heads in Skinny Jeans While Filming The Morning Show with Jon Hamm”

Jennifer Aniston is rocking a stylish and youthful appearance these days. Despite being a veteran of Friends at 53 years old, she looked stunning in aviator glasses and golden blonde hair worn down while driving a sexy silver Porsche Targa. Her figure was accentuated by skinny jeans from designer Favorite Daughter, giving her a knockout look. Jennifer was filming a scene for season three of The Morning Show on Apple TV+, co-starring Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, who recently joined the cast.

She's still got it! Jennifer Aniston is certainly owning a chic and youthful look as she embraces middle age

Fountain of youth: The 53-year-old Friends veteran looked hot to trot in aviator glasses with her golden blonde hair worn down

Jennifer Aniston is still rocking a stylish and youthful appearance. Despite being 53 years old, the iconic Friends star looked stunning in aviator sunglasses while flaunting her golden blonde hair left loose.

In the driver's seat: The Los Angeles resident was also seen behind the wheel of a sexy silver Porsche Targa

Taking Control: The individual from Los Angeles was spotted driving a sleek and attractive Porsche Targa in silver.

Surrounded by crew: Filming took place outdoors in New York City as the crew could be seen all around the Murder Mystery actress

The Murder Mystery actress was surrounded by crew during filming in New York City. Despite the hustle and bustle, she looked stunning in a fitted black turtleneck top that accentuated her tiny waistline. To complete her outfit, she added a black double-breasted bolero style blazer that showcased her toned tummy perfectly. The actress paired the outfit with dark blue skinny jeans from Favorite Daughter by Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of famous music producer David Foster and model Rebecca Dyer. The star’s dedication to running and yoga is evident in her toned legs, which were hugged by the jeans.

She puts the skinny in skinny jeans: The SNL favorite added skinny jeans that highlighted her knockout figure

Her figure looked amazing in the new skinny jeans she rocked, earning her the title of “putting the skinny in skinny jeans” by fans of her popular SNL skits.

Taking a seat: Aniston sat down and relaxed during a break in the shooting

During a break in filming, Aniston took a seat and relaxed on set. Her hair looked freshly styled by her celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, while her makeup was kept to a minimum. To add some flair, she wore chic tinted aviator sunglasses that were oversized and had her nails painted a soft shade of pink. On the same set, Hamm could also be spotted walking down the street and getting into Aniston’s Porsche. He opted for a casual but stylish look, wearing a black jacket, black jeans, a grey T-shirt, and lace-free gray shoes. The Morning Show is a drama series that offers a candid look at the modern workplace, delving into the lives of those responsible for morning TV programming.

Beloved show: The Morning Show is described as 'an unapologetically candid drama that looks at the modern workplace through the lens of the people who help wake America up, pulling back the curtain on early morning TV.'

If you haven’t watched The Morning Show yet, you’re missing out on an exceptional and straightforward drama that offers a glimpse into the contemporary workplace from the standpoint of those who help wake up America. The show gives us a behind-the-scenes look at early morning TV, revealing candid insights into the lives of its cast and crew.

The TV titan: The queen bee of Bel-Air, California looked as fit as ever in her black turtleneck top which hugged her tiny size zero waistline

A sizzling jacket: She added a black double-breasted bolero style blazer that showed off her tummy well

The television powerhouse: The top dog of Bel-Air, California appeared to be in great shape in her snug black turtleneck that accentuated her slender size zero midsection. She also rocked a sleek black double-breasted bolero jacket that flaunted her toned abs.

Superstar style: Her skinny jeans were a dark blue color and hugged her toned legs; the star is an avid runner and a yoga enthusiast

Celeb chic: The famous icon rocked a pair of slim-fitting denim in a deep shade of blue that accentuated her fit and shapely legs. She’s known to be a fitness enthusiast, with running and yoga as her go-to workouts.

Slight smile: The star's pink-painted lips were turned up in a slight smile

A faint grin: The celebrity’s lips, coated in a shade of pink, curved up in a faint grin.

Great lighting: Soft sunlight lit up the Friends stars face

The Friends star’s face was adorned with a gentle glow from the gentle sunlight.

A bit of tummy: Aniston showed off a bit of her toned tummy in a small top during filming

During filming, Aniston sported a tiny top that revealed her nicely-toned tummy. The upcoming season of the Apple TV+ drama series, The Morning Show, will feature Reese Witherspoon as its leading actress instead of Jennifer Aniston. Recently, it was reported that Jon Hamm will be joining the cast as a recurring character in the show’s third season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamm will play a business tycoon who aims to acquire the news network that the show revolves around.

On the go: And the Cake star's hair looked newly blown out by her celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan

In a rush: The main focus was on the Cake actress’ hair, which appeared as if it had just been styled by her famous hairstylist Chris McMillan.

Clean look: Her makeup was minimal as she added very chic tinted aviator sunglasses that were oversized. Her nails were painted a pale pink color

Simple Appearance: She opted for a natural look with minimal makeup and complemented it with trendy oversized aviator sunglasses with tinted lenses. Her nails were adorned with a soft pink polish.

A genuine smile for the camera: The daughter of soap opera star John Aniston looked pleased with the attention

Captured on camera, the daughter of famous soap opera actor John Aniston appears to be genuinely happy and content with the attention she is getting. A smile adorns her face, exuding a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Bright eyes: Aniston's bright blue eyes shined as she looked off into the distance

Aniston’s eyes were glowing with a brilliant shade of blue as she gazed into the far-off horizon.

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