Canine Companion Soothes Weeping Sibling with Beloved Plaything

Brutus, a bullmastiff residing in Northern California with his family, cherishes a particular toy that he’s unwilling to destroy. Despite being possessive of it, Brutus is willing to share it with his brother if it can alleviate his distress. The toy is known as the sacred fluffball, and it’s an obscure plush yellow object that Brutus enjoys carrying around in his mouth. According to Brutus’ owner, Bonnie Michalek, the fluffball is the only toy that Brutus has managed not to tear apart within minutes.

Bull mastiff Brutus who lives in California

Bonnie Michalek describes how, despite Brutus’ tendency to destroy his toys, he is still the most loyal and mild-mannered dog around.

Brutus the bull mastiff

Meet Bonnie Michalek, a proud owner of Brutus, a big and lovable dog. Since 2016, Bonnie and her husband have been taking care of Brutus in their spacious house, which is fit for the furry friend. To Bonnie, Brutus is like her first baby, and she showers him with love and affection.

Baby bull mastiff

When Brutus was still a little one himself, Bonnie Michalek had to differentiate her latest offspring as her first human child. She recently welcomed her son Kayden into the world, 11 weeks ago.

New mom with infant and bull mastiff

Kayden’s arrival was a new and exciting experience for the Michalek family. However, they had no worries about how Brutus, their furry family member, would react to the new addition. According to Bonnie Michalek, Brutus has always had a soft spot for children. Whenever he hears kids laughing outside, he gets excited. Surprisingly, Brutus seemed to know that there was a baby on the way even before the Michaleks did.

Bull mastiff Brutus with family

According to Bonnie Michalek, her dog Brutus had a sixth sense and knew she was pregnant before she did. Brutus would refuse to stay in his crate during nights when her husband was working, even when Michalek adjusted it to give him more space. Michalek initially thought that Brutus was being stubborn, but in retrospect, she realized that he was trying to protect her. As Brutus was very attached to Michalek, she made sure to involve him in the family’s preparations for the arrival of her baby Kayden.

Bull mastiff announcing his humans are expecting a baby

Meet Bonnie Michelak!

When Kayden arrived, Bonnie sent Brutus to her parents’ place for a while. She knew that her furry friend, who was quite attached to her, would prefer to spend some time with her before meeting the new addition to the family when they came to take him home.

Michalek mentioned that she gave some consideration to Brutus and allowed him to greet the baby. Brutus showed a keen interest in meeting Kayden as he ignored Michalek’s husband and went straight to the baby to give him affectionate kisses and cuddles.

Newborn baby with bull mastiff

Bonnie Michalek recounts how Brutus, her loyal dog, has been inseparable from Kayden ever since they first met. Whenever Kayden cries, Brutus is quick to come to his aid by bringing him his favorite toy for comfort. This adorable gesture has become routine for Brutus, who seems to understand just how important it is to console his little human friend.

Bull mastiff brings favorite toy to crying baby

Brutus found that his furry companion always lifts his mood, and he thought it could have the same effect on his younger sibling. Although, he knows that milk might be a more effective solution but decided not to mention it.

Bull mastiff snuggling with baby

Bonnie Michalek and her family are eagerly anticipating future trips to their cabin with Kayden. They have a tradition of going there every summer, where they hike and enjoy the outdoors. Bonnie has fond memories of visiting the cabin as a child and is thrilled to introduce Kayden to this beloved family tradition.

Bull mastiff watching over newborn baby

Bonnie Michalek’s identity is one of a kind and has not been copied from anywhere else. She is an individual who stands out from the crowd with her unique traits and characteristics.

Bull mastiff watching over baby

Bonnie Michalek expresses that Kayden’s arrival has brought about a learning and growth phase for everyone. Even Brutus, who discovered that there are toys out there that are not meant for dogs. However, Bonnie hopes that Kayden will share his toys with Brutus soon.

Bull mastiff playing with baby toys

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