Emotional Reunion: Tearful Girl Meets Beloved Dog She Thought Was Gone Forever

There were tears of joy all around! A previous version of this article mistakenly identified Rebecca Norris DiNapoli as the primary rescuer, when in fact she was a witness to the heartwarming reunion. Fergus and his family were at a stoplight one Saturday evening when their lives were turned upside down by a reckless driver who rear-ended them at 50 miles per hour. The impact was so strong that it threw Fergus, a large Irish wolfhound, out of the backseat and onto the pavement. Although stunned, he quickly got up, limped away, and disappeared into the night. Meredith McKay Luckett, Fergus’ sister, narrated how her father immediately got out of the car to look for him but couldn’t find him because he was terribly frightened and had run away.


Meredith Luckett and her loved ones immediately informed the local community about Fergus’ disappearance. The response was heartwarming, as hundreds of people from various areas of Nashville came together to help find the big dog. Almost immediately after the accident occurred, individuals were scouring the whole region to locate Fergus. They had rescues involved and set up feeding stations, and did everything they could to pursue leads. Despite days passing by with no trace of Fergus, the community didn’t lose faith. “Cars drove with their flashers on and went slowly at any given moment within two miles of the accident site,” said Luckett. “It was truly amazing.”


Meredith Luckett got a call on Wednesday morning just as she was about to lose hope. Her phone started buzzing, and the voice on the other end said, “We have your dog.” Luckett was overjoyed that her beloved pet was finally safe. She described him as a gentle giant who loved being pampered and staying indoors, which is why she was so worried about him being outside.


Woman reunites with dog after car crash

Upon reaching the house that was just half a mile away from where the accident occurred, Fergus’ mother had already arrived before Luckett. As soon as she saw Fergus again, Luckett burst into tears and embraced her dog with joy. Fergus reciprocated by snuggling into her shoulder and howling happily. According to Luckett, it was an extremely emotional reunion.


Woman cries when reunited with lost dog

Check out this cute video on Facebook of Rebecca Norris DiNapoli!

Fergus was brought to the veterinary clinic to receive medical attention for the cuts he sustained during the accident. Luckett stated that Fergus has a tough recovery ahead, but they are currently focused on ensuring his full recovery. Despite the difficult journey, Fergus is enjoying his time resting at home with his family, who are incredibly grateful to have him back. According to Luckett, Fergus is receiving royal treatment and has been showered with gifts from well-wishers. They are committed to making him as comfortable as possible. Luckett urges people who want to help Fergus to donate to local animal rescue organizations.

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